Fiocchi 357 Magnum 142 Grain FMJTC

This page is obsolete, and this information has been rolled into my Factory Ammunition page

Fiocchi 357 Magnum 142 Grain Full-Metal-Jacket Truncated-Cone (FMJTC)

👍 Low cost locally, cycles the action on a Coonan 357, with full-power recoil spring, and small-radius firing pin stop. (Update: not 100% actually.)

Lucky Gunner measured 1420 fps out of a 4″ Ruger GP100.. Update: actually they “measured” functioning in a 4″ Ruger GP100 and quoted the 1420 velocity figure. I was confused by the video.

I measured 5 shots at 1216fps, with a high extreme spread of 115fps, out of a 5″ Coonan 357.

I pulled one round: the bullet was 142.7grains with an exposed lead base, there were 8.3 grains of powder.


Alliant Power Pistol

Alliant Power Pistol “Designed for high performance in semi-automatic pistols”. Manufacturer’s Load DataChemistry and pictures.

Bottom Line: 👍 Lots of fun, good performance.


  • Big bright muzzle flash and boom. Lots of fun at the range. Probably the biggest flash you can get in common automatic pistol calibers.
  • Easy to get good performance with this powder.
  • Meters well
  • Decent amount of load data, but mostly for jacketed bullets.


  • Big bright muzzle flash and boom. Not as bad as H110, but definitely to levels where it can be distracting to new shooters, and compromise night vision.
  • Largest size it’s sold in is 4 pounds.

Density (per Lee dipper chart) 11.2 grains/cc

Redding 3BR Pistol Insert

Pistol # ≈ 7.5 × grains – 4.5

Grains Thrown ≈ 0.133 × pistol_insert_number + 0.6

Pistol Insert # Grains Thrown 10x Throws (Grains)
20 3.1 31.9
40 5.9 59.2
60 8.6 85.8
62.5 9.0+ 90.8
80 11.2 111.3

Redding 3BR Rifle Insert

Grains Thrown ≈ 0.82 × rifle_insert_number + 2.6

Rifle Insert # Grains Thrown 10x Throws (Grains)
13 13.2 133.1
20 19.0 190.2

Moderate +P 45 Colt: 270 grains @ 930 FPS

Cartridge: 45 Colt

Brass: Federal, 1x fired

Primer: Rem 2½ Large Pistol

Powder: Titegroup, 7.2 grains

Bullet: 270-RCBS-SAA (Source Western Bullet Co)

Velocity: 931 FPS (924, 919, 935, 938, 930, 938)

ES: 19 = 938 – 919

StdDev 7.7 (6x)

Firearm: Ruger Blackhawk, 5.5″ Barrel

Notes: accurate, pleasant to shoot, a bit smokey. LabRadar S7.

Mild +P pressure not for use in original 45 Colt firearms! Per this charge is below starting charge (7.5 Titegroup) for a 300 grain Spr JFP for “Ruger, Freedom Arms & T/C Only” level loads,  but above max charge for a 260 grain slug in the original 14kPSI loading.

The article “RCBS 45-270-SAA RCBS 45-270-SAA” from Handloader #246 claims 7.5 grains of titegroup was “maximum” in the 14k PSI range for a 285 grain casting of the 270-RCBS-SAA, and measured it 986 feet per second out of the same model of gun.

Alliant Blue Dot

Alliant Blue Dot is a handgun / shotgun powder designed for magnum loadings.

Bottom Line: 👎 I won’t buy again. But I need to find a substitute first, because I’ve come to like aspects of it.

Manufacturer’s load data.


  • Cleans up very easily from powder measures.
  • Decent amount of load data out there, claiming good performance at the high-end loadings
  • Load data claiming very powerful loads in 45 ACP
  • Good performance with heavy bullets in 45ACP
  • Clean burning moderate to powerful 500 Linebaugh results.



Moderate flash. I’ve heard it’s supposed to have high flash, but in 45 Colt, or 357 Magnum flash is only moderate.

Density (per Lee dipper chart) 11.6 grains/cc

Redding 3BR Rifle Insert

Grains Thrown ≈ 0.71*rifle_insert+4.1

Rifle Insert # ≈ 1.413*grains – 5.845

Rifle Insert # Grains Thrown 10x Throws (Grains)
12.5 12.4-13 130.2
13.5 13.7 138.5
15 14.7 148.4
20 18.3±0.2 187.1