CFE Pistol

Bottom Line: 👍 so far.the loads I’ve tried so far gave claimed velocity. My only complaint is a standard deviation of 12-15 fps.


  • Low Flash (lives up to manufacturer’s claims)
  • High performance at low pressure in 45 Colt and other handgun cartrages
  • Claims jacketed fouling (I’m not sure how to evaluate this)


  • Gritty feel when metering
  • Sparse load data, but getting better.

Redding 3BR Pistol Insert

Grains Thrown ≈ 0.172 × pistol_insert_number + 0.4

Pistol Insert # Grains Thrown 10x Throws (Grains)
49 8.8+ 88.8
50 9.0
60 10.7

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