Accurate #9

Accurate #9 is a handgun powder that is “ideal for high power loads in traditional magnums… such as the 357 Mag … also … large magnums such as the 460 S&W and 500 S&W for economical target loads. Made in the USA.”

Bottom Line: 👎 More position sensitive than I want in some calibers.

Manufacturer’s load data portal.

VMD(cc/grains) = 0.068 (+/-3.7%)


  • Meters very well. So far the RCBS ChargeMaster has metered every charge exactly, while H110 charges would run over by 0.1 grain or so occasionally.
  • Good amount of load data available, for magnum and heavy calibers.
  • Pressure-tested load-data for exotic combinations like 240 grain .357 Mag,
    395grain slugs in 45 Colt +P, and 525 grain slugs in 500 Linebaugh
  • Flash suppressed. There is some fire, but far less than with other magnum powders.
  • I was able to get good speed from it in 500 Linebaugh.


  • Position sensitive! I’d noticed high shot-to-shot velocity variations. With lighter slugs it was quite pronounced, and I got a 150fps difference by tilting the gun up or down before shooting.
  • Limited application.


This powder has some very nice qualities, and I suspect it can be made to work well in many applications. In 45 Colt +P with very heavy 395 grain slugs I was getting single-digit standard deviations (Caution: small sample!). But it’s been frustratingly inconsistent for me in 500 Linebaugh, where I saw good consistency…. except for one-off 100fps drops. With “lighter” 350/365 grain slugs I was seeing spikes up as well as down. So I’m not ordering other pound, because I think my time and money is better spent working with a powder that works well for many calibers (e.g H110), or a powder that is even more specialized.