Blue Dot + 45 Colt

Bottom line: 👎 in this caliber. There are more consistent powders for moderate 45 Colt loads. There are safer powders for heavy loads. I’ll finish the rest of the canister in 500 Linebaugh or 45 ACP.

Cartridge: 45 Colt

Firearm: Ruger Blackhawk, 5.5″ Barrel

Powder: Blue Dot 13gr±0.5 (high variation from using rifle-insert in measure)

Bullet:260gr Lyman #454424 from Matt’s Bullets

Primer: Rem 2½ Large Pistol

LabRadar series: S61

Shooting Record: 2017-03-07, evening, approx 55 Fahrenheit, 12 shots

Velocity (12 shots): Average 1060fps, ES 1087-1015=72fps, StdDev 22.4fps

Notes: stiff recoil — not pleasant, but not yet painful with gloves on. Lots of smoke.

Charge was max for 14kPSI with 260 grain jacketed per Alliant data. Note that charge is above max (by 0.1 grain) for 250gr Lead SWC in Speer #12. Assume it is +P and unsafe, until proven otherwise. QuickLOAD predicts 921fps @ 13.7kPSI. But clearly we got more than that, so something’s up! I tried estimating the pressure by increasing the powder charge in QuickLOAD until I got a velocity of 1060fps, which happened at an estimated 19kPSI.

Bullet: 230 grain “Softball!” (actually Brinell 18) Hi-Tek coated from Missouri Bullet Co

LabRadar series: S62

Other details identical as “S61” above.

Velocity (6 shots): Average 1053fps, ES 1086 – 1023 = 63fps, StdDev 22.3fps

Notes: Recoil was noticeably less than 260 grain load, much much less smoke.

Brass: Starline 1x fired

Primer: Rem 2½ Large Pistol

Powder: Blue Dot 12.9gr (Indv. Weighed)

Bullet: 250gr Lead SWC (Speer #4684)

Crimp: Lee Factory Crimp (moderate)

LabRadar Series: 86

Velocity: 1028 nominal, 1019 actual. ES 1043 – 996 = 47fps, StdDev 14.8fps (13 shots)

Notes: Speer LSWC Bullets are very consistent, ±1 grain or less. Charge is maximum in Speer #12. I took my time weighing each charge, so I could test if Blue Dot is a consistent powder — since my early loads above might have just shown inconsistent powder-measuring + variability in casting.


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