Blue Dot + 500 Linebaugh

Cartridge: 500 Linebaugh

Firearm: Converted Ruger Blackhawk, 7.5″ Mag-na-ported Barrel

Powder: Blue Dot 18.0 grains, individually weighted

Bullet: 420gr Hunter’s Supply

Primer: CCI 350 Large Pistol Magnum

LabRadar series: 82

Shooting Record: 4/12/2017 @ Sunnyvale Rod & Gun

Velocity: 1180 fps average (7 shots)

Spread: 1193 – 1171 = 22fps

Std Dev: 7 fps (7 shots)

Drag Coefficient: -1.56 fps/yard over first 60 yards

Notes: Taffin Test data shows 18-20 grains of Blue Dot for “LBT #512.440 LFN (445 Grains)” with 18 grains giving “1037fps from a 5 1/2″ barrel.”

A LOT of recoil, but noticeably less than 525grain @ 980fps load. Lot of smoke. Low flash. I had poor accuracy, but I attribute it to poor control — I hadn’t shot this big of a bore in a while, and the smoke made it difficult to see POI corrections. No signal on bullet pull — I single loaded.

Primers were starting to look flat. No unburned powder. I am not comfortable increasing this charge without more data, and recommend starting lower.


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