Pink Bullets in 45 ACP

Bullet: 200 GR RN Polycoat Bullet from Eggleston Munitions in Pink.

Primer: Rem 2 1/2

Powder: 1.0cc Trail Boss ≈ 4.4 ± 0.2 grains

Cartridge Overall Length: 1.240″

Brass: Mixed 5x fired

Firearm 5″ 1911; Les Baer

Velocity: 774 fps (10 shot avg)

Spread: 804-734 = 70fps

Std Dev: 25.26 fps

LabRadar Series: 69

Notes: 👍 Unfortunately the pink bullet seems to be discontinued. Or only sometimes available. The coating did flake more than I’d like in shipping, leaving spots of exposed lead. Weight was pretty consistent, 200 – 203 grains.

Mild recoil. Quite report. Still cycled a couple 1911s.

Their load data shows 1.225″ COL for 200 GR RN Polycoat Bullet. I initially had a longer OAL of 1.255″, to be conservative about pressure. This shot fine in the one and only 1911 I tested, but after acquiring a chamber-gauge, I realized the rounds did not chamber in it. Seating deeper to (1.240″ COL) fixed the problem. I also crimped aggressively, but the COL was the true fix.

Powder: 5.8gr H. Universal

Velocity: 864fps avg

Spread: 911 – 809 = 102fps

Std Dev: 37 fps (12 shots)

LabRadar Series: 91

Notes: 👎 Stronger recoil than Trail Boss, but noticeably less than standard 230 grain loads.


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