45 ACP GlowAmmo

Glow Ammo reloading kits are literally glow-in-the dark stickers that you put on the back of bullets, to see them in flight. It sounds silly. But it really works at dusk or an indoor range! You can get some really cool slow-motion video with just an iPhone.

I don’t actually see any training value in the product. The bullets are still fast. So in the best-case you only perceive an instestanious-line tracing from the muzzle to the target. …which isn’t actually more information than you get by watching the sights or muzzle at the moment the trigger breaks… And as the shooter the muzzle-flash and recoiling gun generally block out bullet’s flightpath. But more importantly regular bullets leave holes where they hit … it’s not a mystery where the bullet went, or how it got there. Having one more distraction doesn’t make calling shots easier.

That said, I highly endorse this product. It works. It’s safe and affordable. It’s fun. It’s educational — even if that knowledge isn’t practical. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll get the chance to use it on a 600 yard range at dusk and learn something I couldn’t see any other way.

Cartridge: 45 ACP

Primer: Rem 2½ Large Pistol

Powder: TiteWad 3.5 grains (source, I used a different primer)

Cartridge Length: 1.2130 – 1.2175

Bullet: 185 Grain Hornady XTP.

Velocity: Nominal 750, unmeasured

Notes: These had a pretty good glow effect. The XTP bullets have a very flat base, which helps the GlowAmmo adhere. GlowAmmo recommends a fast powder, and TiteWad is about the fastest I can find.


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