Red Dot

Alliant Red Dot a classic (introduced 1936) shotgun powder, with secondary use as a handgun powder.

Bottom Line: 👎 Does not meter well for me. Bottle was hotter than load data suggested.

Manufacturer’s load data.


  • Nice feel when metering in Redding 3BR – no hangups
  • Lots of load data in the 45s
  • The bargain-priced powder Promo has the same burn rate, and can be used to make Red Dot loads even more economically. (Density is different, triple-check that the substitution is OK for your application.)


  • ⚠️ Occasional severe under-throws in Redding 3BR that are significantly (order 1/2) less than expected. ⚠️
  • Higher variation than ball powders in Redding 3BR
  • Lots of static cling.

Density (per Lee dipper chart) 7.1 grains/cc

Grains Thrown ≈ 0.0854 × Insert + 0.3

Insert ≈ (Grains – 0.3) / 0.0854

Pistol Insert # Grains Thrown 10x Throws (Grains)
40 3.8 37.8
45 4.1
50 4.6 46.1
48 4.3 43.9
70 6.3 ???
80 7.1 72


Recommended for making blanks.


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