152 grain Penn LSWC + 45 ACP

45 ACP using the 152 Grain Semi-Wadcutter Bevel Base “Penn-Maxx” 7th generation bullet. They are supposed to also be accurate at very low speeds.

Rem 2 1/2 primer and Clays @ OAL????????
Clays (Grains) Avg Vel StdDev Notes
3.0 639 43 S93. Never ejected or cycled the slide, but always fully cocked the hammer. Worth investigating with an ultralight action-spring

3.5 738 28 (9x) S94. Mostly cycled, some failure to lock back slide with firm hold.
4.0 833 16.23 (10x) S95. Cycled slide, but failed to lock-back on empty when limp-wresting.
4.5 914 11.2 (10x) S96. Starting to have well-cut holes in paper, but still not totally crisp.

From the table above, Velocity (fps) ≈ 91 + 184*grains_of_clays.


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