152 grain Penn LSWC + 45 ACP

45 ACP using the 152 Grain Semi-Wadcutter Bevel Base “Penn-Maxx” 7th generation bullet. They are supposed to also be accurate at very low speeds.

I measured 10 of the coated version, and got an overall length of 0.5695″ (Range 0.5680 to 0.57) with a weight of 156.9 grains (range 157.4 to 156.5). Pretty good!

I found that some of the Hornady FTX seating stems β€” for hollow point, or nylon-tipped bullets β€” worked very well to seat these bullets, because the stem pushed only on the flat shoulder of the round. The nose is very small, and I found that bullets had poor concentricity when seating by pushing on it. I believe it does not “guide” the bullet in well because it is small and sharpish.

Rem 2 1/2 primer and 1.2345″ OAL
Powder Charge (grains) Avg Vel StdDev Notes
3.0gr Clays 639 43 S93. Never ejected or cycled the slide, but always fully cocked the hammer. Worth investigating with an ultralight action-spring

3.5gr Clays 738 28 (9x) S94. Mostly cycled, some failure to lock back slide with firm hold.
4.0gr Clays 833 16.23 (10x) S95. Cycled slide, but failed to lock-back on empty when limp-wresting.
4.5gr Clays 914 11.2 (10x) S96. Very clean holes in paper. Occasional gas blow by.
5.8gr (#46) Acc #2 1039 13.41 (9x) S136. Win Brass.
8.4gr PowerPistol 1095 15.69 (9x) S135. Win Brass.

From the table above, Velocity (fps) β‰ˆ 91 + 184*grains_of_clays.

Most of these loads are below start loads for a 155gr SWC.

Hodgdon says, Winchester case, Fed 150 Primer, 1.230″ OAL, “155 GR. CAST LSWC”, 5″ test barrel:

Start: 4.9 gr Clays 1,040 fps @ 16,100 CUP

Max: 5.2 gr Clays 1,082 fps @ 17,700 CUP


The total loaded round is about 250 grains, which is neat.


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