435 Grain Cast Performance + 500 Linebaugh

500 Linebaugh loads using the Cast Performance 435 grain WFNGC “wide flat nose gas check” bullet (sized .511 nose .380 meplat .410″). This is the older version with blue lube.

Because of the gas-check I only pushed these hard. The wide nose and supersonic velocity means a lot of drag (I measured a loss of 2.2 – 2.5 fps/yard). But it also means a lot of damage on impact.

All brass is Starline and previously fired. All loads used CCI 350 primers, to match load data. I seated to the cannelure, not a specific OAL. 7.5″ mag-na-ported barrel.

Charge (grains) Velocity Spread StdDev LabRadar
H110 27 1229 28 = 1244 – 1216 12.64 (5x) S108
Acc. #9 23.9 1216 134 = 1245 – 1111 38.32 (10x) [11.82 removing only min] S109
Acc. #9 24.2 1220 103 = 1255 – 1152 40.74 (5x) S110

Approximate drag – 2.2 fps/yard at 1230 fps.

Notes: Lots of recoil. Accurate #9 performed well, but sometimes had an unusually weak load.

H110 Notes

H110 is highly reccomended by gunsmiths, but no manual has data for it with this slug. I used 27.0 grains of H110 to start, and felt safe with this because:

Taffin Tests used 27-29 grains of H110 with 440 grain projectiles.

Lee Martin says his “top-end 500 Linebaugh” load is “29.5 of H110 with a 435 WFN”. (Almost certainly the same Cast Performance slug I used.)

Hodgdon says a 468 grain LFP is 31,700PSI with 30.0gr H110 and 35,100 PSI with 31.5gr H110. A 425 GR. LFP (w/GCK) is 29,100 PSI with 31.5gr H110 and 35,200 PS with 33grains.


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