True Blue

Ramshot True Blue is a modern pistol powder suitable for moderate to heavy loads in many calibers.

Bottom line: 👍 Meters superlatively, nearly universal application in handguns, low flash.


  • Very fine spherical granules (.0083 to .0165 inches in diameter) meter well
  • Low spreads and standard deviations when fired
  • Can be used in many different cartridges.
  • Low flash. Even indoors with 454 Casull rounds going 1400fps


  • Can be a bit messy, because the fine grains get everywhere.
  • Despite the fine spherical shape giving very repeatable throws, there is an occasional “hangup” feel in the Redding 3BR — as if granules sometimes get cut.

Density (per manufacturer) 15.046 grains/cc ±3.6%; But Lee dipper chart says 14.6 grains/cc

Redding 3BR Pistol Insert

pistol_insert_number ≈ (Grains – 0.5)/0.18

Grains Thrown ≈ 0.5 + 0.18 * pistol_insert_number

Pistol Insert # Grains Thrown 10x Throws (Grains)
20 4.1 41.1
35 6.8+ 68.8
36 7.0 70.5
40 7.7 77.8


The SAECO #58, is a .451 caliber 215gr SWC with a huge meaplate. It was made for bowling-pin shooting from a 1911. The huge meaplate was thought to grab pins better. It’s interesting to me, because it’s about the flattest thing that feeds well. In paper, it cuts clean holes, but unfortunately they’re surrounded by a “torn” halo (like a round-nose leaves) from the more-rounded shoulder. Load data is surprisingly potent! The slug is only 7% lighter than the classic 230 grain ball, but it’s driven about 100fps faster.

I had great consistency with True Blue.

Montana Bullet Works sells high quality cast SAECO #58 bullets, nominal Brinell 15 hardness. Missouri Bullet Co. has a coated version called the .45 Express-Grooveless, nominal Brinell 20 hardness.

Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 4th Ed. says 1.185″ OAL, Remington cases and #2 1/2 primer, bullets sized to 0.451″

START 6.6 grains PowerPistol 880fps @ 13,800 CUP

MAX 7.3 grains PowerPistol 966fps @ 17,600 CUP

START 6.9 grains True Blue 875fps @ 14,200 CUP

MAX 7.6 grains True Blue 955fps @ 18,000 CUP (most accurate load tested)

I did: Brass Guys (full length resized and mixed) brass, but fired were Winchester headstamp. Rem 2 1/2 primer. .45 Express bullet sized .452. #45.5≈6.6gr Power Pistol. 5″ Les Baer 1911.

LabRadar Series: 120, steel target at ~25 yards, except last 3 where the target was 100 yards.

Velocity: 901 feet per second

Spread: 46 = 923-877=46

StdDev: 12.88 (17x)

Using the Montana Bullet Works slug, and totally unsorted “Brass Guys” brass I got: (NOTE loaded and shot on different day):

LabRadar Series: 38

Velocity: 904

Spread: 47 = 934-887

StdDev: 15.64 (7x)

Using the same .45 Express bullet as above, Nickle plated Winchester brass (from Southern Belle Brass) and 7.0 grains of True Blue:

LabRadar Series: 129

Velocity: 900 feet per second

Spread: 26 = 911-885=46

StdDev: 7.29 (10x)